Powell's Taekwondo Center

Powell's Taekwondo Center

1441 A. Franquette Ave.
Concord, CA 94520




Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit - The tenants of Taekwondo and the soul of Powell's Taekwondo Center. It embodies what they teach and who they are.

PTC is truly a special place. It has been an integral part of our lives for the past four years. What began as my son's interest in taking a martial arts class, resulted in my daughter starting shortly after, and then my joining in a year later.

As a mother, I have watched my kids go from white belts to black belts and along the way, I've watched them grow into strong, self assured, kind, and confident children. As a student I have been inspired to challenge myself physically, as well as mentally, to push myself beyond what is sometimes comfortable and to be a better person. Master Powell, Miss Amy, Master Gilmore, Master Tiffer, and Master Lee have been instrumental in leading us along that path and I am so very thankful!

The instructors, the families, and the students are all truly awesome. PTC is a welcoming and inclusive school. As a parent of students, I've always felt welcome. As a student, I have always felt supported. Powell's Taekwondo is a community, both on the mat and off. During class we punch, and kick, and yell, and even hit, but there is never a lack of kindness and respect in the room!

I feel honored to be a part of this community and I am so very thankful to have PTC as part of our lives!

~Tosha Davis

Powell's Taekwondo Center has become a second home to my family, and we consider the instructors, students and parents to be our extended family. The classes are filled with kids that you want your children to have as friends. We have been to several other centers and this was definitely not the case.

When we began our martial arts journey, we were turned away from several centers due to behavioral "issues" and an apparent congenital lack of coordination. Master Powell and Miss Amy were able to see past that and find a way to bring out my kids' potential, both on and off the mat. All the instructors have a way of bringing out the best in the students, and best of all, the kids just think they are having fun.

While I am exceptionally proud of my kids' achievements in taekwondo, I am most impressed by the people that they have become. In my heart, I know that the Powell's family was and continues to be instrumental in shaping their lives. They are confident, strong, and respectful. They have self-control , discipline and integrity, and are extremely gracious in both victory and defeat. They have been taught by example, and they choose to behave in a way to honor what they have learned at PTC. They choose to do the right thing, not the easy thing, as they could not stand to disappoint the Powells. For some reason, their teachers marvel at this and their friends' parents gush about how polite and respectful they are... I know that their education at PTC is the reason.

PTC is truly inclusive, as they even put up with my starts and stops in training. I feel supported and included whether I am student or just on the sidelines. Our lives changed for the better when we found PTC, and I am so grateful to be included in the Powell's Taekwondo family.

~Stacey Ward


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